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Plum Guide

Plum Guide has put together a team of experts to select and test the world's best vacation homes in order to make the booking process smoother and more trustworthy.


I have the pleasure of contributing to PG by covering homes in Joshua Tree, Palm Springs, and Los Angeles. See some snapshots of the various homes I've photographed below. 

56015 WINGED FOOT-23-01-LR.jpg
56015 WINGED FOOT-27-SM.jpg
14631 HUSTON STREET-12-RT.jpg
7836 FAREHOLM DR-5.jpg
357 CAMINO SUR-8.jpg
357 CAMINO SUR-15-SM.jpg
56015 WINGED FOOT-49.jpg
56015 WINGED FOOT-10-SM.jpg
56015 WINGED FOOT-5-SM.jpg
46500 CAMEO PALM DRIVE-28-IG.jpg
46500 CAMEO PALM DRIVE-29-IG.jpg
56015 WINGED FOOT-44.jpg
Winged Foot extra-2.jpg
46500 CAMEO PALM DRIVE-40-IG.jpg
7836 FAREHOLM DR-10.jpg
7836 FAREHOLM DR-8.jpg
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